Online Movie Site For Lesbians

Queer women in cinema will soon be represented online

Urinary Tract Infection Facts

We take a look at urinary tract infection in women.

The Long Distance Lesbian Affair

How lesbians can pull off long distance relationships

Where Are The Lesbian Feminists Now?

We take a look at why the feminist movement is in decline.

Butch Girls Rule!

We take a look at why butch girls are being marginalised on TV.

Its Tough For Lesbians On The Net

Its tough for a lesbian to find love on the internet.

So What If Most Lesbians Are Fat

We take a look at Lesbian weight issues and find...

Lesbian Cultural Diversity

We explore lesbian experiences from diverse cultures.

Hunting Lesbian Literature

We take a look at dystopias in lesbian fiction.

Women And The Word Queer

What exactly does the word Queer mean to you as a lesbian?

Kickstart Your Relationship

A little effort to refresh your love life can do wonders.

Winter Blues

Winter can be a nightmare. Here's how to heat things up.

Are You Bi Curious?

It might not mean you are gay if you have feelings for a woman.

Overcoming Your Inhibitions

Inhibition can cause problems in lesbian relationships.

About Lesbian Open Relationships

Lesbians also engage in open relationships. Here's a looking at it.

Whats In A Word

Alternatives for the lesbian version of the male term 'Cock Block'.

She's Out Of My League

Ever met someone who you thought was out of your league?

Remembering the Spice Girls

What the Spice Girls meant for worldwide feminism.

Getting Intimate

How intimacy can lead to a deep and fulfilling relationship.

Sex Might Be Overrated

Is sex really all that important with someone new?

When A Lesbian is Not A Lesbian

All about lesbians who refuse to go down on their partners

Things Lesbians Say In Bed

Take a listen to what lesbians actually say to each other in bed.

What Stupid Str8 Men Say To Lesbians

Straight guys can say the most stupid things to lesbians.

The One Forbidden Lesbian Thing

We take a look at the one forbidden thing in lesbian porn.

In Love With A Straight Girl

Falling in love is wonderful. But what if it’s not mutual?

The Age Gap In Lesbian Relationships

What is it about the lesbian age gap thing that’s so intriguing

Looking At Menstrual Products

What is in your favourite menstrual hygiene product?

The Lesbian Bucket List

We investigate the Lesbian Bucket list scene.

The Lesbian Bed Death Thing

Advice on how to treat Lesbian bed death syndrome.

Dating A Silver Lesbian

Here's a few tips on how to get an older lesbian to like you.

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