Butch Girl In Love With Butch Girl

Is it possible for a Butch girl to be happily in love with another butch girl? Hell Yes!

Is lesbian dating getting easier?

A reader discuss if lesbian dating is getting easier these days

How to tighten that skin

Is your skin feeling a bit wrinkly these days? Here's help

About the Gaining Fetish

We take a look at the 'Gaining' fetish among women

Abuse in a Lesbian Relationship

A lesbian domestic abuse victim speaks out on her experiences

Understanding Your Trans Mate

A reader speaks out on mutual respect between trans and other queer folk

Lesbians Do Love

Believe it or not heterosexuals, lesbians can and DO love

Matching Socks and other stuff

A reader's thoughts on why socks don't want to be matched

Haters and their words

A reader's feelings when she witnessed blatant homophobia

Beauty Sell By Date

A reader explains What makes a woman beautiful

Do We Need Things Like Pride?

A reader asks do we really need events like Pride?

I am What I Am

What happens when a lesbian gets mistaken for a man

Study on Lesbian Health Problems

A new study reveals the reasons for typical Lesbian health problems

Dreaded Cellulite

We take a look at solutions for that dreaded cellulite problem

Welcome L.B.F!

We all know about G.B.F's but what about our L.B.F's?

Communicating Love Interest

When starting a new love interest its all about communication

Finger Banging Happy

The gentle art of Woman on Woman Finger Banging explained

Sluts And Whores

Have you ever been called a slut? Read on...

My Boobs Are My Own

On the issue of gay men's sexism towards lesbians

Lesbian Beauty

All about typical Lipstick Lesbian beauty routines

Spotlight On Lesbian Parents

We take a look at lesbian parenting skills

All About The Strap On

We take a look at the famous Strap On

Hatespeech or not

We take a look at gay and anti gay slurs

Why Do We Fake It?

We take a look at how fake lesbian erotica is

Calling Lesbian Geeks

Calling all lesbians who nerd for a living

Pussy Talk

What exactly do you like about your vagina?

Top 10 Lesbian Movie Favourites

Our list of top ten lesbian movie favourites of all time.

Our Sexual Health

Health issues and advice on Lesbian sex

When She Just Wants To Be Friends

What to do if someone you really like just want to be friends

Power Games In Lesbian Relationships

A look at sexual power games in lesbian relationships

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Fireman's Ball Coming To Cape Town
Fireman's Ball Coming To Cape Town

Joburg's biggest gay party is coming to Cape Town

Alleged Gay Man In Cameroon Prison
Alleged Gay Man In Cameroon Prison

A Cameroon LGBTI activist on an alleged gay man in prison in the homophobic country

#11 Of Men And Fish
#11 Of Men And Fish

A new love is brewing in Tales@TriArc this week

Weekly Male Roger Frampton
Weekly Male Roger Frampton

Our male model of the week is British bombshell Roger Frampton

Treating Lax and Flabby Skin
Treating Lax and Flabby Skin

Lost a lot of weight and don't know what to do about all the extra skin? Here's help

TriArc Insurance Responds To Afrikaans Protestant Church
TriArc Insurance Responds To Afrikaans Protestant Church

TriArc Gay Insurance Responds to the Afrikaans Protestant Church about one of their clergymen

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