Dreaded Cellulite

We take a look at solutions for that dreaded cellulite problem

Welcome L.B.F!

We all know about G.B.F's but what about our L.B.F's?

Communicating Love Interest

When starting a new love interest its all about communication

Finger Banging Happy

The gentle art of Woman on Woman Finger Banging explained

Sluts And Whores

Have you ever been called a slut? Read on...

My Boobs Are My Own

On the issue of gay men's sexism towards lesbians

Lesbian Beauty

All about typical Lipstick Lesbian beauty routines

Spotlight On Lesbian Parents

We take a look at lesbian parenting skills

All About The Strap On

We take a look at the famous Strap On

Hatespeech or not

We take a look at gay and anti gay slurs

Why Do We Fake It?

We take a look at how fake lesbian erotica is

Calling Lesbian Geeks

Calling all lesbians who nerd for a living

Pussy Talk

What exactly do you like about your vagina?

Top 10 Lesbian Movie Favourites

Our list of top ten lesbian movie favourites of all time.

Our Sexual Health

Health issues and advice on Lesbian sex

When She Just Wants To Be Friends

What to do if someone you really like just want to be friends

Power Games In Lesbian Relationships

A look at sexual power games in lesbian relationships

Online Movie Site For Lesbians

Queer women in cinema will soon be represented online

Urinary Tract Infection Facts

We take a look at urinary tract infection in women.

The Long Distance Lesbian Affair

How lesbians can pull off long distance relationships

Where Are The Lesbian Feminists Now?

We take a look at why the feminist movement is in decline.

Butch Girls Rule!

We take a look at why butch girls are being marginalised on TV.

Its Tough For Lesbians On The Net

Its tough for a lesbian to find love on the internet.

So What If Most Lesbians Are Fat

We take a look at Lesbian weight issues and find...

Lesbian Cultural Diversity

We explore lesbian experiences from diverse cultures.

Hunting Lesbian Literature

We take a look at dystopias in lesbian fiction.

Women And The Word Queer

What exactly does the word Queer mean to you as a lesbian?

Kickstart Your Relationship

A little effort to refresh your love life can do wonders.

Winter Blues

Winter can be a nightmare. Here's how to heat things up.

Are You Bi Curious?

It might not mean you are gay if you have feelings for a woman.

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