What Gay Men Still Don't Know About AIDS

A study reveals that gay men are still ignorant about aspects of AIDS

Family and Young Gay Men - Study

A new study looks at family and risky sexual behaviour among young gay men

Gender Confusion Among Children

We discuss sexuality and gender confusion among children

Gay Healthcare Clinic For Pretoria

Pretoria's now got an exclusively gay health care clinic for men

Top Ten Evil Medical Experiments

We take a look at the top ten most evil medical experiments ever

Fizzy Drinks And Aging

Scientists believe fizzy drinks may be the invisible culprit of age-related diseases

Dagga Can Make You Stupid?

Scientists found a link between cannabis use and reduced academic performance

Appeal for money to fight Ebola

The UN launched an emergency appeal for funds. China criticised for not contributing

Premature Ejaculation In Men

Our Health Expert discuss Premature Ejaculation treatments

Libido Loss Among Women

Our health expert discuss hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Prostate Surgery and more

Our health expert on prostate surgery and more

Penis Injuries

Our health expert discuss Penis injuries

Fighting Depression

Here's a healthy alternative to cope with depression

I am Jack’s foreskin

Our health expert takes a look at the foreskin and circumcision

Anti-Acne Treatment Warning

Some popular acne treatments can cause severe reactions

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Fireman's Ball Coming To Cape Town
Fireman's Ball Coming To Cape Town

Joburg's biggest gay party is coming to Cape Town

Alleged Gay Man In Cameroon Prison
Alleged Gay Man In Cameroon Prison

A Cameroon LGBTI activist on an alleged gay man in prison in the homophobic country

#11 Of Men And Fish
#11 Of Men And Fish

A new love is brewing in Tales@TriArc this week

Weekly Male Roger Frampton
Weekly Male Roger Frampton

Our male model of the week is British bombshell Roger Frampton

Treating Lax and Flabby Skin
Treating Lax and Flabby Skin

Lost a lot of weight and don't know what to do about all the extra skin? Here's help

TriArc Insurance Responds To Afrikaans Protestant Church
TriArc Insurance Responds To Afrikaans Protestant Church

TriArc Gay Insurance Responds to the Afrikaans Protestant Church about one of their clergymen