Premature Ejaculation In Men

Our Health Expert discuss Premature Ejaculation treatments

Libido Loss Among Women

Our health expert discuss hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Prostate Surgery and more

Our health expert on prostate surgery and more

Penis Injuries

Our health expert discuss Penis injuries

Fighting Depression

Here's a healthy alternative to cope with depression

I am Jack’s foreskin

Our health expert takes a look at the foreskin and circumcision

Anti-Acne Treatment Warning

Some popular acne treatments can cause severe reactions

Dangerous Health Supplements

We take a look at supplements which can harm your health.

Long Term Weight Loss

Fad Diets are a-plenty but is it really possible to keep the Weight Off?

The low down on barebacking

We take a look at barebacking activities.

TasP is not available in tubes…

Our health expert looks at HIV+ partners and Treatment as Prevention.

To toy around safely

How men can toy around safely in the bedroom.

Ringa Ringa Rosie

Our queer health expert takes a closer look at anal pleasure.

PEP Can Save You A Lot Of Hassle

PEP is not a cheap shop, it can save you a lot of hassle.


Put your leg up… Protect yourself. Condomise.

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#9 Open or Exclusive
#9 Open or Exclusive

Trey is suddenly challenged with his commitment issues

Weekly Male Austin Scoggin
Weekly Male Austin Scoggin

Our male model of the week is sexy Austin Scoggin

The Western Cape By Air
The Western Cape By Air

There's a new report on tourism in South Africa just released

Visiting South Africa's Forgotten History
Visiting South Africa's Forgotten History

We visit the Western Cape's rich cultural heritage sites

Accolades For uMhlanga pier
Accolades For uMhlanga pier

CNN says uMhlanga pier is the most beautiful in the world

Joburg - A Tourist Haven?
Joburg - A Tourist Haven?

Johannesburg is a global but distinctly African City