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I am Jack’s foreskin

Our health expert takes a look at the foreskin and circumcision

Anti-Acne Treatment Warning

Some popular acne treatments can cause severe reactions

Dangerous Health Supplements

We take a look at supplements which can harm your health.

Long Term Weight Loss

Fad Diets are a-plenty but is it really possible to keep the Weight Off?

The low down on barebacking

We take a look at barebacking activities.

TasP is not available in tubes…

Our health expert looks at HIV+ partners and Treatment as Prevention.

To toy around safely

How men can toy around safely in the bedroom.

Ringa Ringa Rosie

Our queer health expert takes a closer look at anal pleasure.

PEP Can Save You A Lot Of Hassle

PEP is not a cheap shop, it can save you a lot of hassle.


Put your leg up… Protect yourself. Condomise.

PrEP is not a shaving cream

PrEP is not a shaving cream. It is designed to help you remain negative.

The Orgasm And You

How your specific type of orgasm can say a lot about you

The A to Z Of Masturbation

a to z of masturbationDoes masturbation have side effects? We investigate.


How To Man Up

How To Man UpHere's how to Man Up instead of Bitch Up.


Get Some Sleep

Suffering from sleep deprivation? Here's tips.


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