Emotions and Sex

The dangers of repressed emotions surfacing during gay sex

Smell Matters More Than Size

In gay relationships one thing is more important than size...

The Lowdown On STI's

Sexually Transmitted Infections - the bad, the appalling and the merely dull

Cancer Prevention And The Gay Man

We take a look at gay men and cancer prevention techniques

World AIDS Day 2014: South Africa

How is South Africa commemorating World AIDS Day this year?

South Africans Don't Like Getting Tested

Less than a third of SA's sexually active population get tested annually

South Africa Ranks Highest In New HIV Cases

A recent report found that the proportion of S. Africans infected with HIV increased

What Gay Men Still Don't Know About AIDS

A study reveals that gay men are still ignorant about aspects of AIDS

Family and Young Gay Men - Study

A new study looks at family and risky sexual behaviour among young gay men

Gender Confusion Among Children

We discuss sexuality and gender confusion among children

Gay Healthcare Clinic For Pretoria

Pretoria's now got an exclusively gay health care clinic for men

Top Ten Evil Medical Experiments

We take a look at the top ten most evil medical experiments ever

Fizzy Drinks And Aging

Scientists believe fizzy drinks may be the invisible culprit of age-related diseases

Dagga Can Make You Stupid?

Scientists found a link between cannabis use and reduced academic performance

Appeal for money to fight Ebola

The UN launched an emergency appeal for funds. China criticised for not contributing

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Hogsback To Celebrate Gay Pride
Hogsback To Celebrate Gay Pride

All you need to know about Hogsback's first Gay PRIDE

Armani's New Underwear Model
Armani's New Underwear Model

Armani's got a new male underwear model and its a DJ

Reckless Lending In South Africa
Reckless Lending In South Africa

The practice of reckless lending continues unabated in South Africa


We take a look at Drake Braxton's gay mystery novel, Missing

Dressing Business Casual
Dressing Business Casual

The right look can really make a business deal move along. Here's how.

Gym Dandy
Gym Dandy

We take a look at Storm Grant's gay novel, Gym Dandy

What to Wear To The Gym
What to Wear To The Gym

A few simple fashion guidelines for buying gym wear