Mountain High!

Supplied by Skin Renewal Clinics.

The other morning I started waking up, with one part of me still in Noddy land, when I noticed this mountain under the sheet. No no, I’m not that lucky, besides children might be reading this, so keep your thoughts to yourself! This mountain was however obscuring my view!

Opening my eyes a bit wider I realised it was my partner’s tummy! Before I could stop myself I started snorting with laughter and I was immediately in trouble, needless to say.

He had indulged so enthusiastically during the holiday season, that there was a lot more of him to love than usual and the end result is that we are now doing penance for our sybaritic sins! After laughing at his tummy I did some self-inspection in the mirror and, to my horror, found that I wasn’t too far behind in the adipose fat arena. Ugh, when did that happen!

Oh, don’t worry, this state is not forever! We will soon be gorgeous and loveable again, because we know how to do it fast and effectively by visiting our Skin and Body Renewal clinic.

Slender Wonder
I love this program because it works and keeps working. The downside is that you have to abstain from alcohol for the duration of the program, but the upside is that it is possible to lose 8-15 kilograms in 6 weeks, depending on how much you need to get rid of. It treats the low leptin levels of the body and comprises of a low GI eating plan with supplements, meal replacements and daily injections with a lipotrophic substance (HCG), which releases the abnormal fat in the body.

Cryolipo Fat Freezing Treatment
Once you have reached your goal weight and you notice that there are still little bulges that just won’t go away, it’s time to freeze them out of existence. I’m talking about that bulging little tummy and other areas such as male breasts, back fat or flabby knees. It’s not a treatment for obesity or major weight loss, but for those of us that would like to get rid of resistant fat. Studies showed an average loss of 2-3 cm and the full effect can be seen after 45 days in the treated area. More than one treatment per area may be needed, depending on the initial amount of fat. The combination of the Slender Wonder program and the Fat Freezing will make this treatment much more successful.

i-Lipo Laser Treatment
As with the Cryolipo treatment, this works best for the last few bulges that are still there, after you have reached your goal weight. This is much safer than liposuction, which has many dangers and side effects. This cold laser targets the fat cells and causes the cell to empty out the fat contents. Straight after treatment a 30 minute cardio session is mandatory, and an exercise bike is available in the room. No, it’s not to make you suffer and regret those extra beers, the exercise helps to ‘move’ the fat to your lymphatic system, so the body can metabolise it.

A few treatments are desirable and you will be measured each time, to track your progress. If your age is against you, you may also want to combine the body shaping treatments with cellulite and ageing treatments such as, Carboxytherapy, Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy.

The doctor at Skin and Body Renewal will be able to give you a personalised assessment, and assist you in getting rid of all your “mountains”.

My holiday was fun and I enjoyed every mouthful, but now it’s time to dramatically get back to reality.

Edith Piaf sang that wonderful song about ‘No Regrets’, and I confess to some regret on what I missed out on, but having a trusted friend like Skin and Body Renewal means I can cheat at least once a year….

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