About Baby Oil

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Somewhere on the world wide web there must be a list of things you can do with baby oil. From the utterly mundane where it is actually used for babies to the very sexy unmentionables that I will leave to the wonders of your imagination. Could be a very interesting and utterly useless conversation over some red wine, but the list would not be a boring one.

Now for those among us that have actually used baby oil for tanning (check your list), there must be almost as many that have managed to get sunburnt in the process. Of course I am talking about the years before sunscreens were available and we were quite ignorant about the harmful rays of the sun and more importantly, the long lasting damage it can do to your skin.

A few of us probably also learnt that certain areas of the anatomy are not quite as used to the sun as the rest.

Painful memories? Please don’t share them!

Yip, those were the days when the sun was not quite as fierce as it is nowadays and baby oil was the preferred sun tan oil. It was only in the 80’s that sunscreens became available and that we became much more aware of how much skin damage we could subject ourselves to by crisping in the sun. In fact, the success of your holiday was measured by the intensity of your tan.

Fortunately we are much wiser and educated in how to protect ourselves when we do go out into the sun, but every now and again we still slip up.

For every day protection, using a sunscreen should be part of our daily routine because just driving in the car can expose you to some pretty fierce UV rays, especially during the heat of summer.

Your choice of product is wide and varied, but suffice to say that you should read the label before buying. Legislation now requires manufacturers to state the SPF factor as well as whether the product protects against UVA and UVB rays, and that would be the best choice.

The SPF number stated on the packaging will also only protect against UVB protection, which is why you should check for the UVA protection as well. An SPF15 will give 93.3% protection and SPF50 will give 98% protection. Choose your weapons according to your needs and don’t engage in war against the sun, but rather protect against it. Some battles you cannot win and it’s more heroic to stand down than suffer from sunburn and the misery that goes with it.

The best product for you is the one that you feel comfortable with, so whether it’s a gel, cream, spray or lotion, decide what feels best on your skin, how much protection you need in terms of the fairness of your skin and whether you are going to lounge around gracefully or whether you are going to playing volleyball in full sunshine for a long time. If you are very active, re-apply sunscreen as is needed.

A combination of a chemical as well as a physical sunscreen would give better protection all round, so products that e.g. contain organic chemicals such as benzones and mexoryl, as well as physical sunscreens like titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide would offer the best of both. If you are having an allergic reaction or are unsure, you can always go to your Skin Renewal Clinic for advice and as they stock an excellent range of skin care products, just get it from them. The experts do know better than we do.

The Sun’s UV Rays
UVB rays are the ones that cause sunburn, and in addition can also cause skin cancer. The UVA rays are deeper penetrating and can cause long term damage to your skin as well as skin cancer, but these rays are the most common, and avoiding these will preserve your skin and your looks in the long term. Knowing the enemy and the weapons to fight them with will serve you well, and a glorious, golden tan does look a lot better than peeling skin with red patches in between. Slap it on and enjoy the sun while it’s still around….

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