Graham Green's Flower Power

Graham Green is a self proclaimed 30 something radical fairy from Joburg's northern suburb of Northcliff.

He's been writing bits and pieces for Queerlife for years so we've decided to give him his own spot to express his sometimes radical views.

Weird And Wonderful Christmas Traditions

Graham Green looks at the world's weirdest Christmas traditions

Traumatized At The Gym

Blogger Graham Green on what not to wear to the gym.


Classic Asses

Graham Green takes a look at classically sculpted asses.


Stuff You Don't Want To Hear

Graham Green on questions Gay men don't want to hear.


Don't Do This On A First Date

Graham Green on things to avoid on first dates.


Porny Issues

Porny IssuesBlogger Graham Green have some issues with porn


A Little Penis History

A Little Penis HistoryA short Penis history lesson from blogger Graham Green.


Did I Miss Pride Again?

Did I Miss Pride?Blogger Graham Green on Pride as experienced by his friends


Getting Rid Of The Poison

Blogger Graham Green looks at the Bitching poison.


Do Something About Loneliness

Blogger Graham Green on sorting out loneliness.


Can Gay Men Ever Be Happy?

Blogger Graham Green on gay men and happiness


My Own Personal Pride

Blogger Graham Green on Gay Pride, his way.


A Little Gay Gym Adventure

Blogger Graham Green on his latest norty gym adventure


When Does The Cheating Start?

Blogger Graham Green looks at cheating among gays.


How Many Men Is Enough?

Blogger Graham Green asks how many men have you had?


Gay For Pay, Yay or Nay

Blogger Graham Green looks at the Gay For Pay issue.


Exposing The Gospel Of Oz

Blogger Graham Green expose the iconic Wizard of Oz.


Racism In The Gay Bedroom

Blogger Graham Green looks at racism in the gay bedroom.


Gay Haters Rule?

Graham Green discovers a tool that counts internet Gay Haters.


Axe That Ex

Graham Green looks at Exes and how to handle them.


The Origins Of Human Sex Habits

Graham Green explain where our sex habits come from.


Mind Your Manners

Graham Green thinks people in general don't have manners.


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