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Sexual Futurism

By Eugene Brockman

No... sexual futurism does not mean getting it on with robots or beings from outer space - apologies in advance to hard core Star Trek fans.

Sexual Futurism has very little to do with fantasy or sci-fi at all. In fact it has everything to do with looking at sexuality with logic and a focus on present day issues that arise from cultures's persistent conservatism or religious bias against natural human sexuality.

Sexual Futurist's founder Stephen Ing states that it is "about our common humanity and our common sexual needs". In fact one's eyes and mind opens with a visit to the US-based sexual where one starts to see how engrained sexual bias against women, LGBTI and any liberated sexual individual crops up across the world in an astounding array of discrimination.

Which is why the Gay Flag of SA is greatly honoured to have been pioneers in representing South Africa with the Sexual Futurist movement. I have been following the website for months, when one day I say Steven Ing sending a message of encouragement and support to LGBTI South Africans in front of a Gay Flag of South Africa.

I promptly sent an e-mail thanking them for their support and soon we had a spate of Google Hangouts to discuss the flag and its activism for each of our milestones from our protest action against the traditional leaders last year, the Gay Flag and Budget Rent a Car's national tour and the registration of the Gay Flag of SA with the Department of Arts and Culture. As you can see HERE!

When you are amongst sexual futurist contributors you are among great company. Most recently the 2012 Sexual Futurist award went to Malala Yousafzai, the school girl shot in the head three times for advocating equal education for girls in Pakistan.

The sexual futurists focus and reach is wide, giving insight on homophobic policy in Uganda or how rape is condoned and a publicly accepted practice for more than half of Indian citizens. All the while the sexual futurists live up to their promise to illuminate.

Some interesting blogs were that Obama's win was a victory for human sexuality. Very valid if you consider his stance on LGBTI equality, equal pay for women and the right to choose abortion. More about that subject HERE!

You also get quirky blog posts that make you just sit back in awe at the sheer stupidity of people's reasoning to justify their imposing and meddling in the sexuality of their peers. One such one is the CEO of Domino's Pizza Tom Monaghan who is suing the US Government for having to pay for birth control pills which is a standard with employee medical coverage Stateside. Read about that HERE!

Or how devastating sexual bias can be for example in Iran who actually has some of the highest tertiary education for women, but who are now facing mullahs conniving to try and curb education and "dumb down" future generations of women. More here!

I encourage more South African LGBTI organizations to share their stories, work and issues with the Sexual Futurist movement. More than that I believe we as South Africans should all make a shift to sexual futurism - who knows we might even end up one day with a sexually enlightened president that is not mocked represented with a shower over his head, accused of rape or arguing about the interrelation of HIV and AIDS.

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