Christo’s view

This blog contains the thoughts of Christo de Beer. He says the following about himself:
"I am still finding my place but I won't back down for anyone or anything."
Also: "A Chance encounter is not only for sciptwiters but for us to LJ "

Fighting Your Inner Demons

Blogger Christo De Beer on how he deals with his inner demons.

A Sick Society

A Sick SocietyBlogger Christo De Beer explores why people hate.


Celebrating Differences

Celebrating DifferencesBlogger Christo De Beer on the things he cannot change


A new challenge waits

A new challenge waitsBlogger Christo De Beer on new challenges in his life


Thoughts On Loss

Thoughts On LossBlogger Christo De Beer on matters of the heart.


Losing A Gay Child Is Really Stupid

Christo De Beer BlogBlogger Christo De Beer on gay kids and their parents


Bad Reputation

Blogger Christo De Beer's mother's cousin have him irate.


Every Right To Be Me

Blogger Christo De Beer on why Gays matter.


Things Change

Blogger Cobus De Beer's parents meet his new partner.


My Story So Far

Blogger Christo De Beer catches up on recent life events.


Getting Closure

Blogger Christo De Beer waves goodbye to old relationships.


To Be Accepted

Christo De Beer looks at the meaning of acceptance.



Christo De Beer on his new eight legged pet.


A Chance Encounter

Christo De Beer on a happy chance encounter in his life.


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Gays and Health Insurance

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SA Discontinues Temp Passports

South Africa discontinued its temporary passports

SA's New Draft Credit Laws
SA's New Draft Credit Laws

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Understanding The Gay Community
Understanding The Gay Community

Dr Brand Doubell on what makes our Gay Community unique

Traumatized At The Gym
Traumatized At The Gym

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#2 The Birthday
#2 The Birthday

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