Priscilla Queen Of The Desert Celebrated Online

Australia is celebrating Priscilla Queen of the Desert in an online exhibition.

Uganda Arrests Five Alleged Gay Men

Ugandan police have arrested five suspected gay men on charges of "Luring school pupils into homosexuality".

Two Charged In Grindr Blackmail Case

Over in the UK two men were charged with trying to blackmail gay men on Grindr.

Russian Anti Gay Crazyness Continue

Anti Gay Russian sillyness continues. Now even banknotes are labelled gay and dangerous.

Singapore Bans Gay Kids Books

Singapore's Library board has reportedly removed two books portraying LGBTI family life.

Ancient Gay Greek Graffiti Discovered

Ancient Gay naughty graffiti carved on a Greek island was discovered.

Anti-Gay Uganda Tries Its Luck Again

Uganda now says international donors have misinterpreted its anti-gay laws.

The Day Twerking Went Out Of Fashion

Yes folks, Twerking is as out of fashion as Miley Cyrus is. Take a look at what replaced it.

Smoking Deadlier Than HIV In The US

It had to happen sometime. Smoking among queer folk is now deadlier than HIV in the USA.

Australia Approves Home HIV Test Kits

The Australian government have approved the sale and manufacture of HIV home test kits.

Apple Comes Out For Pride

Tech giant Apple have joined other major US companies in coming out on Pride.

US Employment Non Discrimination Act Under Fire

In the US all major LGBTI activist groups have withdrawn support for the country's Employment non discrimination act.

Ellen To Enter Lifestyle Industry

Out and proud American chat show queen, Ellen DeGeneres, announced her latest business venture plans

Anti-Gay Bishop Under Scrutiny For Sex With Other Priests

One of America's most anti-gay Catholic bishops is now under investigation for sex with other priests.

Uganda Plays The Religious Card For Aid

Uganda is now playing the religious card in order to get lost aid funds back.

FIFA Criticised By Its Own Anti-Discrimination Chief

FIFA’s anti-discrimination chief has criticised the organisation for its lack of action at World Cup matches.


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