Cape Town Pride 2013 Says Thanks

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The Cape Pride 2013 Committee would like to thank everyone who gave their time and volunteered in making Cape Town Pride 2013 happen. To the team/committee. Luiz, Justin, Matthew, Tiffany, David, Dennis, Genevive, Manshill, Martiens.

Our numerous volunteers, Charli jnr, Alex, Gregoire, Ruben, Mauritz, Wayne, Jurgen, Chuma, Phiwokuhle, Jared, James, Siphuxolo, Mario - your energy and helping hands is very much appreciated and Pride 2013 would not have been possible without your commitment.

To our numerous sponsors and partners. you make this happen every year a big thank you, MTN, Allabout, Queerlife, Protea hotel sea point and Victoria Junction, Motions, The Hyde, Cape Town Lodge, Taxi Radio, Out magazine, The Pink Tongue, Pierre Jourdan, DDEM, Manhunt, Rose guest house, Niku, M4S.

All Artists, dancers and DJ's are who gave their time for free for various events during pride week. All the contestants that put effort to so the Miss cape town pageant, Divas, dames and drag, Mr Cape Town Pride Manhunt. The Blight Rugby team. Cape Town carnival team.

To all the venues that put on events or gave us the space to do so and helped plan and or prepare Zero21, Navigation, Cafe Manhattan,Back Room Bar, Beefcakes, Stargazers, Crew bar, Beulah, Keenwa, Alexander bar, Amsterdam bar, Alfajiri, Prestwich School, the Glen Hotel. A big thank you.

And the biggest thank you goes to YOU, for being there and helping to make Cape Pride 2013 the most special one ever.

** You can view the 2013 Cape Town Pride Parade Gallery HERE!


#1 Bubbles bar 2013-05-12 16:05
Dennis David's letter to Cape Town pride commitee was removed from their FB wall. When bubbles bar posted it on their wall, it was removed and our account Blocked by FB for abusive content!!!!
TONIGHT MISS CAPE TOWN PRIDE 2012, Dayana Lima has a show on our stage and we are unable to advertise her! How IRONIC!?
We are facing financial losses because of this...
It seems to us that it is a DISGRACE TO OUR COMMUNITY THAT A BUNCH OF INDIVIDUALS should go to such extremes as to cripple our PROUD AND GAY ESTABLISHMENT because they seem to think they are above the law. It is the right of mr Dennis David to ASK / demand/ question the finances of Cape Town pride, which should be made available to the general public. It is OUR RIGHT to post his letter on our wall without being BULLIED by being blocked and silenced. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.
Because we believe in mr Dennis David's right of expression, we will continue to post his letter wherever we can, we will print it and distribute it, and spread the word.
Here under, please find a letter demanding explanation from FACEBOOK board as to WHY bubbles'account was blocked, including mr Dennis David's letter to the Cape Town pride committee..
Bubbles bar

A LETTER TO FACEBOOK BOARD: my account was blocked by Facebook for merely posting a letter that questioned the information given at an AGM by a very questionable board.
The letter was written by one of the members of the association. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY this letter was removed and my account blocked, as we live in a democracy in SA and we are all allowed to voice our opinions and concerns.
This is the reason why I chose the first picture of the person responsible for the report and reported him to FB, to see if FB would block him too.. Which you did not..
I find it highly questionable that FB chose to block the letter I posted, and morally wrong!
I wish to get an explanation from FB .
Here under, the letter:


Saturday 20 April 2013, Cape Town Pride held an “AGM” at the Victoria Junction Hotel which was poorly attended by the Gay Community I have to say.


On the agenda was the following:


1. Official Report on Pride 2012 / 20132. Review on current Pride constitution3. Accounts Update4. Election policy for new office bearers5. Confirmation of Cape Town 2014 dates 

I have to say that the PRIDE committee members were very unorganised as no constructive SOLID information could be presented to the meeting.


So, here’s my response to the topics and the response from the PRIDE committee:


1. Official Report on Pride 2012 / 2013


After Luiz and Matthew gave their report, which was a whole bunch of rumbling, none of the 2 could provide solid documentation or minutes from a previous meeting as to where Cape Town Pride was at this very moment. Figures were mentioned as to the amount of money’s that was raised at 2012 and 2013 CT PRIDE and what they’ve donated to the Trust Shelter etc. Everything was just words but nothing could be provided to the meeting in writing…to date I am not even sure if the money that was donated to the PRIDE shelter is actually true…not to mention how these money were spent.


The committee confirmed that all the PRIDE events for 2013 made a profit and Luiz just has an A4 page in his hand and to date Cape Town Pride can STILL not provide the public with a proper outline of expenses!



Review on current Pride constitution 

After almost 30 minutes of discussing this topic and the way forward, did we finally get a team out of the audience to sit and put together a draft for the new constitution for the newly registered Cape Town Pride Organisation.  I personally asked the Cape Town Pride board by when we could be receiving the old copy of the CT Pride Constitution (as we were gone use this as a guide to work with)…Matthew replied “You’ll have it tomorrow”…well, almost 2 WEEKS LATER and still NOTHING!!! Luiz expressed his concern about the public not wanting to get involve with PRIDE and that they really need the support from the public, well now I know why the public don’t want to get involve, is because Cape Town Pride is being run by a bunch of incompetent individuals that brought their own agendas into PRIDE and totally lost focus as to what PRIDE is all about!


Lets see if Cape Town Pride will be able to deliver to their promise by the end of the week…or maybe they’ll do it the normal Cape Town Pride style, late and unprofessional as always!


3. Accounts Update


What a JOKE this was…NONE of the committee members could provide us with a bank statement NOR could they give exact figures because they are still working on it…STILL WORKING ON IT??? 7 WEEKS LATER??? Come on! Who are you guys fooling here? How long does it take an organisation to get its admin in order? And why have an AGM and add a topic to your agenda if you are not even prepared to provide the public with the information that has been asked for so many times?  


4. Election policy for new office bearers. This never happened but this agreed upon by the meeting so I won’t comment on this. Moving on…


5. Confirmation of Cape Town 2014 dates


So the new dates have been confirmed by a committee that is not even sure if they will still be standing for 2014 PRIDE. To end, I pray to GOD that Cape Town Pride gets a NEW committee to take Cape Town Pride forward because all you have turned PRIDE out to be is on BIG PARTY which is a SLAP in the face to our gay community and to those leaders that has fought so hard for our rights and not to mention those who has died so that we can celebrate our rights in a new South Africa! 

PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW THIS LETTER IS OFFENSIVE, so I can explain to the GAY COMMUNITY OF CAPE TOWN WHY THE LETTER OF MR DAVID WAS BLOCKED BY FACEBOOK . In the meantime, this letter has gone public by many other means.

Awaiting your prompt response, please be aware that THIS MESSAGE TO YOU will also be made public.
Kind regards

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